why is my video ad not trending?

Julianna Graff
September 30, 2019

It’s clear that not every video advertisement is going to be just as popular as Super Bowl commercials, but what if they could trend just as well?

As advertising gets turned upside down every year, it’s the job of the agency to determine branding strategies and what may be the most eye catching, attention-grabbing trends of the year. Top advertising agencies continue to nail the main concepts of what their consumers want to see, but also what is effective. Read below for some quick tips on how you can produce a trending video:

Keep It Short and Sweet

If we are being honest, half the reason any of us click on a video is based on, yes, the information content, but a lot of times it’s based on the length of the video as well. Our attention span doesn’t last very long anymore being that everything in today’s day is so easily accessible, so keep your advertisement short and sweet to keep your viewers’ attention the whole way through!

Create Brand Awareness and Connection

Not only do you want consumers to know your brand, you want them to be able to identify with you as well. Yeah, it could be smart to throw your company’s name, logo, and product in the ad a bunch of times for repetition. But, it could also be a pretty good idea to make your ad based on personalized messages and everyday lifestyles that your audience can directly connect with and speaks to them more clearly by seeing themselves in the shoes of the video with whatever product or service you are attempting to sell to them.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The design of your advertisement is what really takes the cake! Once you get past the brainstorming ideas of how to connect with the audience, there needs to be some sort of aesthetic and appeal that catches their eye from the very moment they begin watching the video. Clickbait! The thumbnail is everything in this case and using every tactic of color and pop is exactly what makes the video come to life!

Use Keyword Trends

When searching online for something specific or even just browsing around, keyword trends are a crucial part in how quickly your video will pop up on someone’s social media. Viral hashtags or background research on trending google searches is what could truly make or break the amount of views and reach your advertisement could attain.

Outsmart Your Competitors

Lastly, companies such as Nike and Pizza Hut know exactly how to cater to their audiences. By highlighting ideas, we all may be able to relate to such as an everyday dad spilling pizza in the car or “Finding your greatness” with any athletic hindrance you may have, it creates a more genuine connection with the audience. We tend to place ourselves in the shoes of others, especially when we want something we don’t have, and in this case, we can more closely picture ourselves and the feeling a product or service can provide for us.

Let’s face it, your viewers don’t want products forced in their faces all the time. Instead, they probably want to see something that they can relate to as consumer hungry people looking for new products.  Here at Giovatto, our exceptional art department is highly capable of making this dream come to life! We can do it all from the graphics to video and want to help you sell your products to the customers you gained attention from on every platform imaginable!