where is digital marketing 2 years post-lockdown

Alison Hrevnack
April 8, 2022

Did you know that many adults logged a whopping 17 hours of daily screen time during the COVID-19 lockdown? It should come as no surprise since so many of us relied on devices during that time for work and entertainment. With all those hours of scrolling, businesses have had to adjust. Now,  65% of marketers have further developed their digital and technology innovation due to the pandemic. So, how has this impacted digital advertising 2+ years post-shutdown?

Customers Expect a Strong Online Presence

If customers weren’t tech savvy before the pandemic, they sure are by now. Here’s what marketers consider more than ever to accommodate the growing demand for online presence:

  • Modern websites. Businesses have sharpened their websites with updated graphics, videos, functionality, and more to perfect tech and establish credibility.
  • Consistent social media. 91% of marketing organizations use social media as part of their media mix, tying with digital ads as the most commonly used channel. In fact, an astounding 97% of Gen Z-ers use social media as a main inspiration for shopping, so social media platforms are simply a necessity in modern marketing.
  • Remote options. Features like live chat, delivery options, or even virtual tours have been established to provide as many safe, remote, and convenient options as possible. Even before the pandemic, consumers loved doing all their shopping online. Now more than ever, businesses are prepared for that.

Mobile-Friendly Ads are Everything

Let’s be real here, with everyone using their phones all the time, it’s only logical to make sure that advertisements are mobile-friendly. What exactly does this entail? Here are a few key factors:

  • It’s all about those visuals - especially videos. Fun fact: The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. It’s proven that videos have an 81% better performance rating than static counterparts and cost less per click on average. As a whole, any marketing strategy is dependent on the use of graphics and videos, since they’re the most effective in grabbing an audience’s attention.
  • Use captions. 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off, so marketers have decided that captions or text on video ads are the way to go to get messages across without sound.
  • Optimized landing pages. Businesses have made sure that landing pages are laid out correctly and user-friendly. Otherwise, customers may lose interest right when they’re looking into the service or product.

Is Your Business Up to Date?

These are some of the shifts in advertising that we’ve noticed as a result of the pandemic - is your business following suit? At the Giovatto Agency, we specialize in creating ads that demand attention across all forms of media - especially digital platforms. Even during the pandemic, we worked hard (and remotely) to adjust strategies and make sure that all of our clients’ ads were reaching customers, especially via digital channels.

Make sure your digital marketing is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition with help from the advertising experts. Contact us today for a free consultation!