when & WHEN to deploy emails

Jason Laychock
August 3, 2020

Your creative is on point. Your offer is unbeatable. Your subject line is a work of art. Everything is perfect… except your open rate....

In theory, email marketing is a simple way to reach potential customers. But so much goes into a deployment’s success including when to hit the send button. So, when is the best time? Moreover, how do you know if you have a successful delivery rate in the first place? And how does this all play into the overall success of your email? 

Delivery Rate 

First and foremost, if your emails aren’t making it to their recipients’ inboxes then it’s obviously doomed for failure. This is why a high delivery rate should always be your first priority. 

Delivery rate is the percentage of emails that were successfully delivered. This can be calculated by subtracting hard bounces (undeliverable because the address doesn’t exist) and soft bounces (undeliverable because of full inboxes, email is too large, or down server) from the gross number of emails sent and dividing that number by gross emails sent. 

Ideally, your delivery rate should be about 95%. If your delivery rate drops, your list may have issues, such as invalid email addresses or your emails are being marked as spam.

Check in on click-through rates and conversion rates regularly to ensure that subscribers remain engaged in your content.

Best Date & Time to Send Emails

There is always a date and time to send emails in order to achieve more open rates, click-through rates, and produce the best results overall. 

According to a study by GetResponse, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are the most popular deployment times. Tuesday had the highest open rate and click-through rate, but all those middle weekdays produced similar results. Meanwhile, Saturday & Sunday were the worst days to deploy emails, with Saturday having the lowest open rates among all the days of the week.  

Despite its low open rates, Saturday did have the best conversion rate at 3.6%. That’s 44% more than the highest weekday conversation rates, which were Tuesday and Friday at 2.5%. Sunday and Monday had a conversation rate of 2.4% while Friday had the highest engagement rate.

So When Are You Deploying?

When do you send out your emails? Does it provide optimal results? Giovatto Agency will provide you with the solutions your business needs to obtain the best results from emails as well as full reporting of every deployment. Contact Giovatto today and see how we can help you convert the most out of every email.