what are the 3 phases of video production?

Alison Hrevnack
October 12, 2021

Video ads are EVERYWHERE, aren’t they? Whether you’re flipping channels, watching YouTube, or scrolling through Facebook, you’re bound to come across a video ad. Have you ever thought about what goes into creating that ad? Not just the actor that you see on screen, but have you ever thought about the entire concept, the script, the props, the casting, the animation, and more? Maybe you have, or maybe you haven’t, but from a marketing standpoint, all of that and so much more make up a successful video ad. Since videos receive about 1,200% more shares than text and images combined, they’re a powerful tool for advertising that can’t be overlooked by businesses. Want to know what steps come before, during, and after the creation of a video ad? Then let’s get right into the three phases of video production.


The first step in creating a video ad is all about planning. What kind of budget are you working with? What message are you trying to convey in your video? Who is your target audience? Where are you shooting your video? Pre-production is the time to ask yourself all these questions, as well as think about the tone, brand, and visuals you’ll need. Additionally, you and your team will have to consider any creative restrictions you may run into when developing the script. This phase of your video ad is all about researching how to get your intended message to your target audience and exploring creative ways to market your brand. Throughout this process, keep in mind your marketing goals, talent, location, story, advertising channels and more.


Ready to conduct interviews, record voiceovers, and capture b-roll? Well, this is the stage in which all that magic happens. All your research and creativity is pulled together to create the video at this point. Your talent, lighting, equipment and more are all combined for your creative video ad that represents your message and your brand. Since you’ve already done all your research and planning in phase one, this is the part where it pays off to be ultra-organized, so as to not disregard any information that was gathered in phase one. It’s also the fun part of your project, where you get to see all your team’s ideas come to life.


So, you’ve finished the research phase and wrapped up the shoot. Now what? The last stage of video production, or post-production, is naturally going to entail all the finishing touches. This is when your team goes in and edits the video with graphics, subtitles, revisions, and music. This also includes logging any interviews that were conducted, getting all your work approved, and delivering the final product. What makes this part so important, you ask? Laying out the video in chronological order and making it intriguing for viewers is key in attracting your audience. Additionally, every platform has different specifications, so it’s important to ensure that your video ad is formatted correctly, depending on which platform(s) is/are being used.

Now… What’s Studio G?

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