wait...there was a football game?

February 26, 2024

Within the breaks of the most anticipated advertisement night on television, lo and behold, there was even a football game.

But, for marketers across the country, Super Bowl Sunday is a yearly celebration of creativity in conveying a brand message. Most Super Bowl spots take square aim at the funny bone, and this year was no different, throwing in tons of special effects and scads of real and animated celebrities to say the message… and then slay it.

The best Super Bowl spots stand out from the crowd through humor and creativity, while also working a marketing and branding angle. It’s a fine line to walk… and three spots stand out to marketers and advertising professionals for not even caring where the line is!

1. State Farm - “Like A Good Neighbaaa”

None other than action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is the hero as “Agent State Farm” in a fake action movie, taking his mispronunciation of State Farm’s tagline to ridiculously funny extremes. Capping it off was a mini “Twins” reunion, with a cameo from Danny DeVito. In a clever show of out-of-the-box pre-gaming, The Terminator also appeared on a late-night chat show to talk about his “new movie project”.

2. Paramount+ - “Hail Patrick”

The “Mountain of Entertainment” ads for Paramount+ have always been entertaining and full of content, but this 15th iteration pulls out all the stops. Any other brand, given Patrick Stewart, Tua Tagovailoa, Peppa Pig and the band Creed, would have a hard time creating hash. Paramount+ serves up a delightfully hilarious on-point concoction, guaranteeing revisits to catch what was missed the first time.  

3. CeraVe - “Michael CeraVe”

CeraVe threw the marketing playbook out the window, delivering an excellent first Super Bowl ad. Starring the coincidentally-named actor Michael Cera, the ad simultaneously poked fun at pretentious perfume ads while educating viewers on the science of CeraVe. But the real beauty was in the teasers, a guerilla marketing campaign that included a viral Tik Tok and a “visionary” website. The lead-ins brilliantly created the right amount of hype for the main event. 

In a way, carpet-bombing the largest audience of the year with a branding message is easy. When it comes to bringing your message to your target audience, the team at Giovatto are experts at the hard part… helping you target your audience, refine your message and deliver it effectively. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you reach your customers and develop new markets!