video killed the static paid social ad

Jason Laychock
August 24, 2020

There’s no two ways about it… video is king. 

Over the years, social media marketing has become an extremely popular way for businesses to connect with their audiences. Social media marketing has become a necessity for all modern businesses as customers have grown to expect a certain level of online presence from the brands they patronize. In fact, over 75% of consumers report that they go online and research a business before choosing whether to make a purchase. 

And consumers have grown to become very comfortable with video. 

Video content on social media platforms rack up billions of views per day! More than 70% of U.S. marketers plan on using social videos ads as part of their campaigns. At this point - if you aren’t using video in your social marketing - you are already a step behind your competition. 

By providing good video content on your paid social media, you are able to make a deeper connection with viewers and achieve a greater rate of engagement. 

Let’s Look At The Numbers

Last month we created a series of paid social ads for a regional sized financial institution’s latest mortgage campaign. In order to achieve some A/B testing, some posts were created in traditional static format while others were given :06 to :10 second videos. The numbers on the click-through rates (CTR) speak for themselves. 

Static Ads               Video Ads
   0.63%                      1.14% 
    CTR                         CTR

While the static ads only achieved a 0.63% CTR, the ones featuring the videos had an astounding 1.14% CTR. That’s an 81% better performance rating than their static counterparts delivered to the same audience in the same geography. In addition, they cost less per click on average. 

So Get That Video Going

At this point, the addition of video to your social media marketing is a must. A recent study has shown that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. The Giovatto Agency can help with all your video and paid social needs. We have proven success with our clients in maximizing the most out of any social media budget. Contact the Giovatto Agency today for a free consultation.