using social media advertising to benefit your consumer’s experience.

Julianna Graff
June 17, 2019

Everyone thinks they know all the secrets. From tracking reach count to specific online branding tactics, there are so many ways that companies are trying to reach their target audiences, but are they effective?

Your biggest opportunity today is utilizing the internet to your advantage. There are so many more marketing options online, and social media allows clients and products from around the world to be right at your fingertip. Your business always has room for growth, and the only way to do that is to network yourself through different social media communities.

Learn some of the important ways to draw consumer attention and sell your brand by increasing value online:

Emotional Appeal

The key tactic of advertising is to focus on problems and reach emotions that consumers don’t even know they have. By causing fear and showing the benefit of a new product on the market, customers approach a new problem where they believe their only solution is to purchase the product or service being sold to them. People are spending hungry and tend to want what they don’t have. The more your product or service circulates the internet, the more they will keep you in mind when they are ready to buy.

Faster Delivery

Social media also allows you to reach a broader audience in half the time. The benefit of putting your company online is being able to reach hundreds and thousands of consumers with just one quick post. By keeping a routine posting schedule on different platforms and using all the available features, your delivery is sure to beat your opponents. It is a much faster strategy and will be shared all around the internet.

Sending A Message

The message you send needs to show that your product or service is the best thing on the market. With such large growth in multimedia advertising, creativity with technology means breaking the norms and not being afraid to start new trends. People buy from those they can trust, and selling your daily values and operations online is the best way to do this. Show them where your product comes from, who is producing it, and the passion that goes into making them happy. This gives consumers the feeling of exclusivity and membership to your brand or company.

Stand Out and Seize Opportunity

The most successful way to go about breaking the status quo in 2019 is to do things that stand out or haven’t been done before. Let’s face it, we are in the age of technology and social media, and right now that’s how to create sales through the roof.

Utilize all marketing tactics that are available. For example, interactive advertisements, using multiple platforms, personalization, eye catching imagery, and content that is in with the times. This allows your audience to truly feel that you care about your relationship with them and their experience.

Use Creativity

With social branding, it’s all about both the quality and quantity. Creating attention grabbing advertisements should be your main priority. Why? This is the first interaction you have with new or interested customers, and ads that are colorful and creative will stand out above others. The more amusing and interactive your posts are, the more chance there is of people sharing which draws more traffic to you!

You want to leave a lasting impression. Even if that is a video featuring the most popular song at the time, your audience will enjoy the fact that they can connect with you about something while learning more about your product.

Keep Up with the Trends

Customers buy from companies they are able to identify with and relate to. By keeping up with social trends, you have the ability to reach a larger number of potential customers, while reducing marketing costs. Social media allows your brand to have a voice, with platforms that allow you to keep up with the trends sharing your brand values.

Build Interaction with Consumers

As you build a strong relationship with consumers, keep it relaxed yet effective. Social media gives your company the chance to interact daily, making comments and reviews of your product public and pushing more people to do business with you. This is because they can see first-hand how important customer satisfaction is to you.

By strengthening these relationships, it gives you the ability to stay active and on top of all questions or concerns. This creates a direct line to the business showing how much you care, giving more of a chance for them to refer you to someone new.

With constant changes in technology and times, advertisements have many new opportunities to be effective online through different media platforms. The goal is to constantly be reminding your customers of your company every day. At Giovatto, our experienced social department is committed to finding the best ways to deliver your product and brand messages. We analyze data from over 50 different premium providers to target ads to specific demographics and browsing habits. Being creative and effective is the only way to stay in the game against competition, and direct customer engagement is what we do best!