tips on working from home

Alison Hrevnack
March 26, 2020

“Social distancing” is a phrase we’re all too familiar with during this COVID-19 outbreak. We’re told by government officials to keep six feet between one another as well as stay in quarantine until further notice. Many of us who have been practicing social distancing — including all of us at Giovatto — are working from home. For some, it’s hardly any different from physically going to work. Meanwhile, there’s an adjustment period for others. Here are a few tips to simplify working from home during this quarantine.

Maintain Your Normal Schedule 

Setting up a similar schedule to a typical day at the office will help get your momentum going. If you normally wake up at 7:30am and get to work by 9am, then you should follow a similar ritual when you work from home. Giving yourself a few more minutes to lay in bed is fine, but going straight from your bed to work hardly gives you enough time to wake up. In addition to waking up at your normal time, take your lunch break and stop working at your usual times, too. Maintaining your typical schedule will help provide familiarity during this time of novelty and confusion.


Set Up a Designated Workstation

Find a neat, well-organized desk or table and make it your official workplace. It should be quiet and separate from distractions to help you focus on your job. Ideally, it should also give you access to necessities, such as an outlet to charge your laptop or a pen and notepad, in case you need them. This way, you have a specific place to come to everyday that replicates a sense of normalcy and professionalism.


Communication is Key

Call and send messages to your coworkers whenever you see fit. Staying in touch with one another will keep your company running smoothly, just like it does when you’re commuting to work. Communicating with those you live with will help as well. Informing your family about your daily schedule will keep them aware of when you need to be left alone to focus on work.


At Giovatto, we are working hard from home during these unprecedented times. One way we are servicing our clients is by modifying their advertisements to reach potential customers and convert them to digital sales. We know how to help when it comes to keeping our clients’ businesses running seamlessly and compliant with CDC & government guidelines. Even if they aren’t set-up, we can make or update current sites to be e-commerce ready. Contact Giovatto for COVID-19 advertising solutions, today.