the rise of digital video content.

Michael Macina
July 19, 2017

Digital pundits have been predicting the rise of digital video content for some time now.

2017 appears to be the year the predictions turn into reality. According to the American Marketing Association, video content will “be the driving factor behind 85% of U.S search traffic by 2019.” This trend is not confined to YouTube alone but is growing in scope and scale across all social channels, including Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

Marketing software developer HubSpot recently reported that 43% of people on the web want to see more video content from marketers and 51.9% of marketers themselves believe video content yields the highest levels of ROI.

Why is this? The simple answer could be that video content is advantageous because it shows rather than tells, allowing marketers to demo their products and services in ways that don’t appear to be talking at the viewer, but sharing information with them.  

How effective is this trend in influencing consumers?

In summing up a recent report called, “The Science of Social Video: Turning Views into Value”, Greg Jarboe of Tubular Insights highlighted the following key facts about video content:

  • Consumers spend about 6 hours a week watching video content on social media
  • 46% of consumers said they’ve made a purchase as a result of watching a brand video
  • 76% of people said they were more likely to watch a social video if recommended by friends or family

There is another force driving the further use of video across the web. It’s technology. With 3-D immersive technologies emerging, wearable technology growing and the proliferation of more and smaller hand-held devices, the demand for more stimulating content is expanding.

At Giovatto Advertising, we’ve been aware of the increasing demand for video content for some time. In response to it, we’ve expanded digital video capabilities and made video content available to forward-thinking clients who want to expand their reach and explore new ways to reach their target audiences.

So expect more live video over Twitter via Periscope in the coming months and years. The digital video revolution is upon us, and it’s just begun!