the guide to successful marketing in 2023

Alison Hrevnack
January 30, 2023

Another year has begun, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to make new year resolutions and focus on ways we can improve. Did you know that marketers do the same thing? It’s true - now is our time to consider trends that arose in 2022, and how we can continue to use those trends as well as improve upon them in the future. Let’s take a look at a few marketing trends that can’t be ignored in 2023 and why they’re expected to be so huge.

Social Inclusivity

Perhaps the most important rule of advertising in 2023 is accommodating all consumers. For example, images should include people of diverse backgrounds, and services should be accessible to those with disabilities to ensure the entire target audience feels included in the marketing strategy. The more inclusive a business is to all of its potential customers, the more considerate and trustworthy it is.

Brand Refreshing For Today’s Audiences

Many modern websites use features like quizzes and other interactive tools to get familiar with a company’s brand and services. Companies are more focused on building website designs that include their personal brand (certain colors and fonts, for example). A couple of helpful hints are to avoid overcrowding websites with too many pictures and feature unique custom graphics instead of generic images.

Video Has Never Been Bigger

Modern marketing is more than just the graphics on the company website. Make no mistake, every website needs a contemporary design to keep up in 2023, but since reels and TikTok videos are such a primary source of entertainment, videos have also become indispensable in the world of advertising. With short form videos being so prevalent, educational videos are key in demonstrating products and services. Giving consumers access to these videos on the company website, social media, YouTube, and so on are great ways to give customers insight about the unique benefits that a business offers.

B2C Interaction

The more communication between businesses and customers, the better. Today’s consumers want the option to interact with businesses directly through options like instant messaging and chatbots. Providing QR codes in ads also gives customers the ability to easily leave reviews or reach your website quickly. As always, social media is also a prominent source of communication between businesses and consumers. It’s another option for businesses to show off their products and services while giving customers a place to call out their favorite companies via stories, reels, and more.

We’re Ready For New Advertising Trends… Are You?

At the Giovatto Agency, we’re always on the lookout for new advertising trends to keep our clients ahead of the game. We’ve been refreshing our clients’ websites, creating short and sweet educational videos, and so much more to match today’s marketing strategies. Want to make sure your business is ready for 2023 marketing? Then contact the advertising experts at the Giovatto Agency today for your free consultation!