social media: the home for real estate ads

Alison Hrevnack
July 20, 2021

We’ve all been there - scrolling through social media and then BAM - an ad for a home shows up. Sure, a lot of us may keep on scrolling, but for those that are in the market, this can be pretty tantalizing. Whether it has all the necessary accommodations or the scenery is phenomenal, envisioning life in a new location is easy when it feels like it’s right at your fingertips.

According to a study from the National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers use the Internet for home-hunting. Furthermore, social media was the tech tool that provided the highest quality of leads. But what’s the magic of social media? What doors does social media open for real estate?

Virtual Tours

A video tour provides an immersive experience to make potential buyers feel at home in a new place - without even getting off the couch. What makes this an even more viable option is that Facebook recently changed its algorithm to make videos more visible for viewers. In addition to providing insight for the target audience, Facebook videos are a cost-effective way to advertise homes since it permits control over every aspect of an ad, including budgeting and placement.


What appeals to home-buyers? Curb appeal. Curb appeal is highlighting a home and its surroundings with its view from the street. Boosting curb appeal is simple: take well-lit, high-quality photos of the home and make sure there’s no clutter in the shots, like vehicles or bicycles. Additionally, post pictures of the home’s interior, its town, and its landscape. (If you're not confident in your own picture-taking skills, hire a professional photographer to highlight the location - just remember to give the photographer proper credit on social media). Carousel or slideshow ads are perfect for including multiple listings in the area or several images of a home. Homes with high-quality photography sell up to 32% faster, so don’t be shy about posting a ton of stunning pics online.


Get this: tweets with hashtags get double the engagement as those without hashtags. Furthermore, #Ad is one of the Instagram hashtags with the highest engagement rate, meaning sponsored campaigns are effective. But why is that? Hashtags help businesses become part of a specific topic on social media. Every post with the same hashtag is compiled together when the hashtag is searched, making it easier for home-buyers to discover your business. So when users search #FindYourNextHome, #NJRealEstate and other similar tags, all the posts with those tags will show up for the user, connecting your business to a bigger conversation taking place. However, it’s best to avoid using broad or commonly used hashtags (e.g. #Home or #RealEstate) so as to not get lost in the sea of competitors.

Personal Touch

How long have you been in business? How big is your team? How many offices do you have? What makes your realty business unique? Customers love a business with experience because it establishes trust. So, whatever it takes to prove that you’ve got what your audience needs, including specialties, statistics, exceptional customer service and more, show it off on your socials.

Other Home Tips

Social ads don’t have to be strictly about selling or buying a home. Make the most out of social media with home maintenance suggestions, financial advice, tips on moving - anything that may benefit homeowners. Having solutions prepared for the audience’s needs establishes expertise throughout the entire home-buying process.

Settle into Strategic Advertising

Having an active social media presence opens up your business to a wider audience and a seemingly limitless number of leads. With strategic ads that speak to your target audience's needs, you’ll incentivize clients to take action and achieve the ROI that you want.

The savvy social media experts at Giovatto will highlight your real estate business’ strengths. We’ll explore a range of opportunities and develop a creative plan that’s perfect for reaching your target audience and beyond. Ready to make the Giovatto Agency your advertising home & send your sales booming? Contact us today!