say goodbye to third-party cookies

Alison Hrevnack
June 29, 2022

Don’t panic, but third-party cookies will soon be a thing of the past. A lot of digital marketing activity relies on data from third-party cookies, but now that Google is getting rid of them, this leaves many marketers in search of advertising alternatives. But why have they been eliminated in the first place? And what methods are marketers leaning towards? Let’s look at some strategies we’re exploring for the cookieless future.

What Are Cookies? Why Are They Going?

For those who don’t already know, cookies are a way for websites to remember users, their preferences, and their habits online. Cookies store information about devices to recognize users, along with other identifiers like registration numbers or session IDs. Does it sound intrusive? Well, that’s exactly why third-party cookies are heading out the door. According to Google's Director of Chrome Engineering, third-party cookies are being phased out because users want more privacy, transparency, and more control over how their data is used. In fact, 78% of people expressed concerns about the amount of data that is currently being collected. Moreover, an incredible 86% said they felt growing concerns about their data privacy.

So No More Cookies… Now What?

Marketers will have to employ different tactics to adapt to a cookieless world. As it is, one survey (conducted by GetApp) found that about 23% of marketers plan to make up for the lack of cookies by reinvesting email marketing software this year. The good news is, only third-party cookies are being removed (to recap, third-party cookies are placed on a website by someone other than the owner to collect user data). That means first-party cookies (which allow site owners to collect customer analytics data, language settings, and more) are still available. This includes data such as consumer preferences, geographic location, behavioral data, and other demographic information. Those first-party data strategies could prove helpful in personalizing customer experiences while providing both data security and targeted advertising.

Here’s What Giovatto Can Do

The best course of action is, as always, to stay up to date with new marketing trends. If you still depend on third-party cookies to reach your audience, then now is the time to consider new advertising alternatives as well as other privacy practices that may impact your business. Fortunately, the Giovatto Agency is ready for the adjustment. We have over 30 years of experience using advertising methods that don’t require cookies, so we’re already equipped to help our clients succeed without them. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Contact us today for a free consultation!