how to use online advertising to its full potential.

Will Shadbolt
April 10, 2017

Despite still being in its relative infancy compared to other forms of marketing, online advertising has quickly become one of the most important. reports that tech giant Google practically subsists on online ads. Still, marketing online is far from perfected. For example, on average, a person gets 1,700 banner ads but only sees half of them. However, once businesses began removing unviewed ads, brand lift increased by up to 31%!

Here’s a list of other online advertising stats that your business should consider and tips on how to make the most of advertising on the internet.

1. Display Ads

85% of display ad clicks come from 8% of users. In addition, only about one in one thousand users click on display ad campaigns. While that might seem incredibly low, remember how many ads people see each month. Those percentages are not as small as they seem. Plus, not everyone clicks on ads.

For all types of online advertising, only 31% of responders click the ad, 27% search for the commodity or company, 21% visit the company’s website and 9% look for more data about the product. So, a small percentage of clicks does not mean your message isn’t being heard. Make the most of consumers searching for your company with a high SEO ranking and an easy to navigate website.

2. Use Customer Data

Businesses have a specific target audience, and you want to make sure your ads are being seen by them. However, the average in-target rate for online ads is 44%, although the percentage can vary widely across industries. But 70% of advertisers don’t target customers based on behavioral or demographic data. By incorporating that information into advertising, businesses can reach their target audience more effectively.

3. Ensure Consumers Are Watching Your Videos

You also need to make sure that digital videos you show your target audience are being seen. Did you know that not all video ad placements are created equal? 74% of pre-roll spots, video ads that play before videos, are watched all the way to their end, but only 45% of post-roll ads are completed. 60% of advertisers lack the tools to measure these types of campaigns.

Come to an advertising agency that can make the best ad placement for you and track the data. Online advertising may still have some kinks, but with some planning and the proper agency, your business can see a dramatic increase from internet marketing.

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All statistics taken from’s infographic.