how to make the most of phone leads.

Will Shadbolt
March 13, 2017

Advertising as a whole may be changing, but there’s one part that is still relatively static: phone numbers. No matter how much technology improves, people will still call a number shown in an advertisement, and it will always be a great way to acquire leads, especially for automotive dealerships. Below are a few tips that and the Marchex Institute recommend for getting more business from prospects calling in.

1. Manage the phones at all times

Obvious? Maybe. But the Marchex Institute reports that 20% of all dealership calls aren’t picked up or become disconnected, and that 10% of repair shop calls are unanswered. Companies budget for SEO, mobile ads, and placement, and but by not picking up, 10-20% of what was spent on digital marketing effectively goes to waste. Having someone always watch the phones won’t just increase your dealership’s leads, it can also give you more bang for your buck.

2. Know your dealership’s inventory

No matter where people got your number or what type of model they’re looking for, most calls will have one thing in common: they’ve done their research. During 85% of calls about new and used cars, specific models come up in conversation. By knowing exactly what vehicle types, alternate options and more your company has available, your sales staff will have a better opportunity to make a sale or schedule a test drive.

3. Millennials use click-to-call

Nowadays, digital is incredibly important to a company’s advertising and a good way bring consumers to your website. But it can also be a good way to get your phone number out there, especially if you’re targeting younger demographics. Of those 44 and under, 47% click-to-call, with millennials and Generation Z even more likely to make that call based on a mobile ad.

4. Promote your service department

Since most of these calls coming into a dealership are focused on purchasing or leasing a vehicle, most don’t think to promote the service department. However, callers can be more receptive to appointments than you might think. In 63% of calls, staff never brought up the service department, but when they did, appointments were successfully made 33% of the time. Translation: Not all customers will want to hear about the service department, but it pays to mention it. This is also a great opportunity for staff members to learn specifically about what the consumer is looking for, and therefore have a better chance at closing the deal.

Consider these tips, and watch your numbers increase. Of course, for this to work, you need attention-grabbing ads that will entice customers to call in. And in order to get those, call Giovatto Advertising at 201-226-9700. Every ad we make is designed to grab the consumer’s attention. Plus, our digital department can efficiently reach your target audience online so that you’ll receive more phone calls from potential customers. Contact the experts at Giovatto today!