how to give your small business a boost

Alison Hrevnack
May 31, 2023

Owning a small business is a big deal. Whether it’s just starting out or has been thriving for many years, every business owner should be proud because it’s never an easy job - but there are tips to make it simpler. What better time than National Small Business Month to talk about these tips? Let’s go over some advice that has worked for ourselves, our clients, and many other successful small businesses out there.

Tell Your Story

Running a business is not simply about providing products and services anymore. Consumers want to know where a business came from and why it’s important to both the business owner(s) and customers. Most brands will use the “about us” page on the company website to describe what sparked their business idea, how their products or services were developed, and how the business grew to be what it is today. Telling this story provides perspective for the audience and helps them relate to the company.

Create An SEO-Friendly Website

Small business owners always look for cost-effective solutions to help their business. One of the best ways to do this (and one of the most important) is having an SEO-friendly website. This includes structured data for better SERP rankings (search engine results pages), content on trending topics, as well as keywords on landing pages, titles, meta descriptions, and more. Of course, this is just the beginning of all the ways to boost your SEO. While creating an SEO-friendly site, it’s also worthwhile to optimize its design, colors, and videos since this is the face of the brand.

Social Media Is A Must

Similar to the website, social media is one of the most cost-effective and modern ways to communicate with an audience. First thing’s first: determine which platform is best for reaching the target audience and prioritize promoting services there (but don’t neglect other platforms as well). A great way to do this is to use relevant hashtags to reach a broader audience as well as branded hashtags to track your campaigns. And, as always, be consistent in both brand voice and posting high-quality visuals to attract and maintain the audience’s attention.

Use Analytics

Numbers don’t lie: the only way to measure the success of a small business or a start-up is to keep track of how it's performing across all areas. Luckily, this is easy and inexpensive. For example, Google Analytics can help company websites by providing much-needed information on the performance of landing pages. As for social media, most platforms have free built-in analytics tools that can provide essential information. Want to double down on social media assistance? Monitoring tools can keep track of relevant conversations and questions so that companies have a chance to respond to customers. Especially as a start-up, it’s essential to address concerns the clientele may have, as it may sway other social media users in their decision to use the business in the first place.

These Tips Work…We Know From Experience

There are plenty of tips and tricks out there to help your business. However, these are a few tried and true methods for all those small businesses looking to ensure they start strong and stay strong for years to come. What makes us so sure? Because at the Giovatto Agency, we not only take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business, but we are a small business and have been using these tips for 35 years and counting. Make sure your small business not only survives but thrives when you use these tips – and contact us for your free consultation, today!