how creativity, disruption, and great advertising can combine to increase brand value.

Michael Macina
August 1, 2018

Want to boost your brand’s value by 265%? It’s not as impossible as you think.  In fact, many brands have discovered the secret. According to new research from BrandZ, a major brand research company that ranks brands, a combination of creativity, disruption, and effective advertising, can give your brand a triple digit boost in value.

After analyzing a whopping 3.6 million consumer interviews, BrandZ, headed by Kantar Millward Brown, was able to gather the first quantifiable data confirming what boosts brands in this digital, multi-layered, multi-channel marketing world we live in. The research was divided by the consumer’s perception on brands’ creativity, disruption, and advertising.

The Results:

  • Brands seen as creative, but not disruptive, grew brand value by 69%
  • Brands seen as disruptive (aka ‘shaking things up’), but not creative, grew brand value by 123%
  • Brands who are both creative and disruptive grew 154%
  • Lastly, brands who combine creativity, disruption, and great advertising boosted brand value by 265%

While numbers may seem nitty and gritty, the key differentiator here is innovation. As Doreen Wang, the global head of BrandZ says, “you have to disrupt the status quo,” and “have done something which is impactful for society.” We know creativity is important, but we must know why.

Some of the most successful and valued brands according to BrandZ, include Disney, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon, all of whom have done well using “disruptive creativity.”

Now innovation, disruption and creativity are not new to advertising, but they are being applied in new, more consumer interactive ways than they ever were in the past. Finding the sweet spot that brings these impactful qualities together in a marketing message is what today’s advertising is all about.

At Giovatto Advertising we keep looking for newer, fresher ways to deliver brand messages. It doesn’t always have to be shock and awe, but it does have to have stopping power. That goes for an eblast as much as it does a TV campaign. We’re always searching for ways to disrupt with creativity and a powerful message that not only has stopping power, but lasting power as well.