grow your brand with igtv.

Joshika Andersson
July 13, 2018

Notice a new icon on the top right of your Instagram account? Welcome to the app’s newest feature, IGTV.

We’re all familiar with Instagram’s one minute videos that can leave us wanting more, and that’s what IGTV, or Instagram TV, is here to fix.  IGTV is built within Instagram and is a standalone app where creators and marketers can share full screen, vertical videos that are up to one hour long. It’s all mobile friendly, so no more turning your phone to watch a video.

Get ready for reinvented TV. From the moment you open IGTV, videos from your followed accounts begin playing, just like turning on a traditional TV with “channels” being Instagram accounts. Want to spice up your feed? You can swipe to discover more in “Popular”, with the freedom to go back to “For You”, “Following”, and “Continue Watching”. And of course, you can directly like, comment, and share with your friends.

IGTV is also a perfect opportunity to grow your brand’s reach. With Instagram’s 1 billion active users, 30% have admitted to buying something they first saw on their feed. With Instagram as the second most popular social media platform, it may beat out YouTube (the most popular social media platform) with IGTV. Right now, the feature is new enough where content isn’t overcrowded. So become an early adopter to improve your engagement, to find new sales opportunities, or just to test out the new vertical format. Brands such as BMW and Mercedes Benz have already jumped on the IGTV bandwagon, and are promoting their new cars.

And don’t fret if this new feature seems overwhelming. Giovatto Advertising is here to help with our committed digital strategy and creative services teams. We create engaging, quality content that will inspire and drive potential customers to your brand.  We have an in-house studio and social media marketing experts – which is a perfect pair for launching your first video on IGTV.