getting social in 2020

Jason Laychock
August 17, 2020

Hitting up your news feeds even more lately? You’re not alone. 

Social media has a huge impact on every facet of our personal and professional lives. Since the pandemic, social media outlets have seen huge surges in usage across the country. Facebook alone has seen an increase of more than 50% in visits. As a result, businesses should - and need to - be adjusting their marketing strategies to capitalize on this growing trend. 

Stats To Update 

Surprisingly, social media usage was slightly down right before lockdowns began. This was about to change. By March, social media outlets began reporting huge increases in active users. Some sites have recorded jumps of 2.5% or more and over 233,500,000 active users.

Instagram has been a particular powerhouse during these times with an increase of over 3.7% visits and 124,200,000 active users overall. 

Of course, the pandemic is a main contributor to this spike in social media usage. According to a recent study by the Nielsen Company, over 9 million people were conducting COVID-19 related Twitter conversations - a 40x increase since the start of 2020. 

No matter the reasoning, consumers are flocking to social media outlets and this is an opportunity for you to reach them.  

If You Post It They Will See It

RIght now, roughly half of the world’s population is on some form of social media. 

Over 73% of industry experts agree that adding a social media campaign to your marketing mix is an effective advertising tool for any business strategy.  Furthermore, 54% of customers use social media to research products and services. Having a strong social media presence helps you build brand credibility, gauge audience feedback, increases referrals, and raises your visibility. 

Right now more than ever businesses are looking for relevant ways to connect with consumers. Social media platforms allow you to reach potential customers in a genuine and educational way while providing both valuable content and direct sales messaging. 

At the Giovatto Agency, we have been researching and adjusting our clients media mixes to include a healthy dose of social media. It is important to advertise where your audiences are - is your latest campaign reaching its intended audience? Contact Giovatto today and see how we can help boost your sales through consistent, effective, and results-driven social media content.