facebook introduces groups tab feature for brands.

Alex Castro
April 13, 2017

Did you know that the average number of monthly Facebook users is 1.86 Billion? That’s roughly 1 out of every 4 people on Earth! Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t realize the benefits of Facebook and what a great opportunity it provides for shedding some new light on their company.

Advertising has come a long way since the newspaper. Consumers today barely even glance at their local paper – and why would they when they can read the same news for free on their iPad or smart phone? The average Facebook user spends roughly 20 minutes on the site per visit, which is more than enough time for an advertisement to catch their eye.

About 50% of Facebook users fall between the ages of 18-24, which presents advertisers with an awesome opportunity to grab the attention of this young demographic. In order to effectively grab their attention, however, companies need to be able to think like these younger users and understand what they want. A common interest among most young Facebook users are brand pages and community groups, which connect people based on their shared interest in a specific show, car brand, or pop culture event, among countless other things.

Facebook has gone above and beyond with their new segment for brand pages. On certain community groups, Facebook allows some brand pages to have a groups tab feature to link to another page related to that brand interest. Popular name brand companies can manage their own page, but can also create a tab that directs to smaller companies associated with their brand’s products. Though this new group tab feature is very promising, it is still being tested, with about 2% of brand pages receiving the group tab feature within just the last couple of months.

For car dealerships, this feature can provide a breakthrough in expanding their customer bases, with major companies like Ford, Infiniti, BMW, and others boosting the single point companies that sell their cars through their Facebook pages. Any upcoming news on these car brands or any other major brand can be seen not just from the main brand page, but also on the smaller pages they link to, even allowing administrators to post on those group pages as well. 65 million brand pages have already been created on Facebook, which are 65 million perfect opportunities for small companies to get their names out there.

The Facebook groups tab can provide help with expanding the viewing outlet of a multitude of single point companies that are associated with popular name brands. If you’d like to expand your company’s viewing outlet as well, come speak with one of our digital marketing experts at Giovatto Advertising. Our digital team can work with you and realize your vision for your social media site. Contact us today and see what social media can provide for you.