exactly who is seeing your social media posts?

Alison Hrevnack
September 21, 2020

When it comes to a successful social marketing strategy, it’s all about your audience. Social media advertising is a proven, effective method for driving consistent sales and achieving quick ROI. But how do you optimize it? The key to having a successful media campaign and reaching your target audience lies in the demographics on each platform.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms for several years now, as it ranks second in platform usage behind YouTube. Need numbers? You got it.

  • 69% of adults in the United States use Facebook.
  • 74% of Facebook users visit the site daily.
  • 68% - 84% of users are between the ages of 18-64.
  • 51% of users are 13-17 years old.
  • 46% of users are 65 and older.
  • 44% of users are female and 56% are male, as of July 2020 (this study did not include non-binary groups).
  • In the US, 70% of users are black, 70% are white, and 69% of Hispanic.

Overall, the average user spends about 38 minutes per day on Facebook.

What does this mean for your business? It’s simple. Facebook is a reliable platform to advertise your product or service because it reaches multiple demographics. Plus, if your target audience includes young or middle aged adults, the possibility of a successful outcome is even higher, with the potential to reach up to 84% of users!

What about Instagram?

Instagram’s popularity is rapidly growing, with statistics to prove it:

37% of US citizens use Instagram.
63% of users log in daily.
72% of teenagers use Instagram (and 73% of US teens say that Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them).
67% of users are between 18-29 years old.
51% of Instagram users are female and 49% are male.
In the US, 51% of users are Hispanic, 40% of users are black, and 33% are white.

The average user spends about 53 minutes on Instagram.

If you’re looking to reach a young demographic, Instagram is a great place to advertise. Specifically, if your target audience is between 18-29, your ad could reach up to 67% of users on Instagram. If your target audience is even younger, like 13-17, then that’s even better. While Instagram may not hit certain demographics as well as Facebook does, it’s definitely popular with younger crowds.

And Twitter?

While Twitter is a popular platform, only 22% of adults in the US say that they use the site, and the average user spends 1-4 minutes on the site each day.

44% of 18-24 year olds in the US use Twitter, and only 26% of 30-49 year olds use it.
65% of users are male and 35% are female as of July 2020.
25% of users are Hispanic, 24% are black, and 21% are white as of 2019.

Don’t let the generally smaller numbers discourage you, though - Twitter is just as much an influential platform as Facebook and Instagram. If you're looking to hit a target audience consisting of young adult males, for example, then properly utilizing Twitter could help your ad reach tons of users and potential customers.

Let’s talk about your social marketing strategy.

If this sounds like a lot of info to take into account, don’t worry. The experts at Giovatto have extensively studied key demographics on these major platforms and many more to provide effective social media campaigns for our clients. We’ve taken all of this into consideration to build creative as well as a successful media mix that hits all your demographics.

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