easy ways to increase email engagement

Alison Hrevnack
February 28, 2023

Email marketing is one of the most dependable methods for growing a business. In fact, a report from Ascend2 found that more than 8 in 10 marketers say effective email marketing is critical to the success of their overall marketing strategy. Nearly every business uses email marketing, but what are marketers doing in 2023 to increase engagement? Let’s take a look at some of the methods marketers are using.

Popular Trends

Many marketers are deploying three trends to increase email engagement. In order from most to least popular, these trends are:

  • Mobile-friendly design. 53% of email marketers say they will make sure their email layouts are easy to read even on small screens. Big text, short subject lines, clear CTAs (call to action) and concise copy are just a few examples of how to improve emails for mobile devices.
  • Personalizing emails. No, not just including the customer’s name. Marketers plan on making email content tailored to the recipient, like changing the content of the email based on a subscriber's gender, location, or other known information about them. This tactic is proven to help increase open rates and drive revenue by up to a jaw-dropping 760% because it helps marketers give subscribers more relevant, individualized content.
  • Interactive content. Interactive content is a key tool for digital engagement among both B2C and B2B marketers. That’s why 39% of marketers plan on including features like image carousels, star ratings, and tutorial videos just to name a few.

Tried & True Tips 

Okay, so they may not be among the newest email trends, but here’s some advice that every email marketer needs to keep in mind while working to increase engagement:

  • Messaging is everything. Most marketers agree that messaging (an email’s subject line, greeting, body, and closing) is the most important aspect of an email. In particular, the subject line needs to be extra enticing since it’s the first thing the viewer sees.
  • Segment the email list. Consider sending out different content to customers based on demographics, customer type (new customer, frequent customer, free trial, etc.), purchase history, or current level of engagement. In fact, many marketers use A/B testing (splitting the mailing list to test a number of variations of a campaign and determine which performs better) in order to find what content would provide the best results.

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