cars, trucks, & SUVS: who wants each vehicle & why?

Alison Hrevnack
October 26, 2021

So many vehicles to choose from… how does a customer decide? There are a lot of factors at play when making such an important purchase, including size, fuel-efficiency, and power just to name a few. But depending on which demographic(s) your customers are, the choice may be clearer. Your dealership should show off all the different types of vehicles in stock, but from a marketing perspective, let’s get into which vehicles appeal to what demographics and why.

SUVs: Who’s Buying Them & Why?

Buyers aged 25-54 consist of 46% of SUV purchases, meaning SUV buyers are mostly millennials and Gen X-ers. What makes them so desirable for this demographic? Practicality. Four doors, more seating, and plenty of space for cargo make the SUV a great fit for family-friendly buyers. This makes sense considering many Gen X-ers and millennials have families of their own. The appeal of SUVs isn’t exclusive to Gen X and millennials, though. Boomers also enjoy SUVs, since the height of an SUV makes it easy to get into and out of the vehicle.

Trucks: Who’s Buying Them & Why?

Trucks have two major selling points: power and luxury. They can take you off-roading, haul boats, camping gear - all the equipment you’ll ever need and it’ll still be in great shape when you drive it to work. The interior of trucks are also just as modern as that of an SUV or sedan, without compromising any of its powerful capabilities. But which demographics are interested in them? Unlike SUVs, whose buyers are pretty evenly spread amongst genders, a whopping 86% of truck buyers are male. Most truck owners are also located in cities or towns as opposed to rural areas, so consider this when advertising to certain locations.

Sedans: Who’s Buying Them & Why?

Sedans are actually taking a backseat to SUVs and trucks. Many customers find that SUVs and trucks bring all the perks that a sedan does, but with more space, more height, and more power. But don’t let that fool you, roughly 22% of buyers opted for sedans in 2019. Their smaller size usually means that they’re a fuel-efficient option that’s also easy for parking and maneuvering, while their affordability makes them great for first-time vehicle owners. That being said, sedan owners are typically younger compared to SUV and truck owners. Since SUVs and trucks are so popular as is, this gives your dealership a great opportunity to feature your sedan selection in detail when advertising.

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