adjusting advertising around coronavirus

Alison Hrevnack
March 19, 2020

Media coverage has been exclusively dedicated to one topic recently: Coronavirus. As everyone is urged to travel less and wash hands as frequently as possible, we have to look at the world of advertising differently for the time being. Advertising needs to adjust typical strategies and replace them with tactics that are most relevant and helpful during this time of uncertainty. 

Delivery Options

Encourage online shopping and delivery options whenever possible during this outbreak. If something can be delivered to a customer’s home, then it should be. Since suggesting that customers “visit in-store” isn’t advised for the time being, inform customers about the opportunity to have fresh, clean products brought directly to them to diminish fears of the virus as much as possible.


Disinfecting Plans

Disinfecting plans are a necessity for businesses that intend to stay open. Discuss your commitment to sanitize the workplace as well as other precautionary measures, such as closing earlier, to stress that you’re doing all you can to prevent the spread of the virus. Since cleanliness is a top priority, inform customers about hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes that are available to everyone whenever necessary.


Emphasizing Safety

Most importantly, let the public know that you are here to help. While changes are made and customers updated accordingly, the highest priority is always the safety of others. In addition to actionable plans that are being implemented, discuss the importance of helping and caring for clients and employees. 

Giovatto Agency is still operational and working remotely from the safety of our homes to serve our clients with these strategies & more. Don’t navigate these difficult times on your own. Stay safe everyone.