6 features real estate agents HAVE to showcase

Alison Hrevnack
November 23, 2021

Think about all the aspects a buyer wants in their dream home. Does it include a manageable drive to and from work, extra space in the kitchen, and a large garage? It probably does, since these are the features that most shoppers are looking for. Whether a client is a first-time buyer or a third-time buyer, every real estate agent needs to know the most desirable amenities of a home. From space and modern tech to location and convenience, here are some of the aspects of a home that buyers want the most.

Location, Location, Location

Everyone knows that buying a great home comes down to location. Sure, homeowners can redesign and add features if it’s in the budget, but the one thing that they can’t change is the neighborhood. Make sure that clients feel safe and comfortable in the environment, and that it’s convenient enough as far as commuting to work and school.

Speaking of School…

A 2017 study done by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) showed that roughly 1 in 4 buyers cared about the quality of schools when moving. Lots of buyers want to see their kids get a good education, so it’s only logical to see that this is a priority. Since communities in a good school district may come with a higher price tag, real estate agents should take their clients’ budget into consideration when advertising listings.

Flexibility & Extra Space

Having one, maybe even two extra rooms to alter to suit a client’s needs can make a big difference. Because of the pandemic, more buyers than ever want an extra space for exercise, work, recreation, or sleep. In fact, one study (by PulteGroup) revealed that about 53% of buyers would rather have an office space than an extra bedroom. Regardless of how it’s used, plenty of buyers like the flexibility of extra space.

Modern Kitchens

Kitchens are way more than just a place to prepare food. Homeowners like to have convenience in their kitchens, with up-to-date appliances as well as plenty of room for storage and enjoying meals together. That’s why buyers want updated kitchens with modern technology, large cabinets, extra counter space, and a full-sized pantry.


A staggering 80% of buyers take the garage into consideration when purchasing a home. Even if it’s partially used as a storage unit, it’s a luxury to have a wide, separate space for your vehicle(s), yard tools, and more. Allow clients an extra few minutes to ensure that the garage door is big enough to easily pull in and out every day.

Smart Technology

Statistics show that by 2022, the global smart home market will be $53.5 billion. With a sales volume of $23 billion, the U.S. is the largest smart tech consumer. Buyers love the option to control their energy costs, simplify communication with friends and family, monitor their homes from afar, or program settings remotely. Nowadays, this is a huge selling point for realtors to showcase.

How Does This Help You?

There are naturally going to be plenty of aspects to show off to home buyers, but these are a handful of features and amenities that they’re looking for. The best method for advertising them is to create videos and images that walk customers through these major selling points. The Giovatto Agency can help you there. Our in-house creative and production team - Studio G - will create enticing video that highlights all the must-haves of a listing so that you’ll have a great sizzle reel to show off to your clients. Want to learn more about how to advertise listings? Contact us today for a free consultation!